Sunday, November 25, 2012

Travel and Beijing 10/24- 10/28/12

I want to go back and post about our trip to China so Warren will have a record of what we did. So now we are gonna back it on up!
We were out the door by 5:30 AM to make our flight from Columbus to Chicago! The flight was about 45 minutes. We had a 5 hour layover in Chicago. I made sure that we did not fly out of Newark this time because last time we spent 11 hours in that airport and I never wanted to see it again! Our flight took off ON TIME! And then we were on our way to Beijing! Jaden did great on the flight! She played her game and watched a couple movies since we had individual tv screens on the flight over. I went on this trip with the idea that I would get some sleep on the flight over with the help of Ambien. Well that did not happen. I just can't sleep on a plane. Luckily we paid for the upgrade with United to economy plus and it was so worth it. That little 5 inches of extra space was heaven! 14+ hours later we landed in Beijing. We met our guide and then we had to wait about an hour for another family to arrive before we could load the bus.
Finally we were off to our hotel! Once we got there we got some food and then all fell asleep! Of course I didn't sleep to long since the beds were hard as rocks!
The next day we were up bright an early for breakfast and then touring!
Our first stop was a rickshaw ride through an old Hutong village. Jaden loved riding in the rickshaw, me not so much!
Afterwards it was back on the bus where we made our way to the Government run silk factory. Here we learned how silk was made and did a little shopping!
After lunch it was on to Tienanmen Square and The Forbidden City. The square was decorated because they were having their election 2 days after the US had ours. The smog was awful the whole time we were in Beijing.
Our Wonderful guide George!
While we were there a local family decided they wanted a picture of their daughter with Jaden and another girl in our group.
Afterwards it was back to the hotel where we all crashed, especially Jaden!
The next day and our final full day in Beijing started with a trip to the Jaden factory for some shopping!
My first of many squatty potties! And I rocked it!
Then back on the bus and we were headed to the Great Wall! I have to say the wall is Amazing! Unfortunately 4 days before we left for China I fell and hurt my knee bad! That along with the fact that the stairs are very uneven and that I had a three year old with me made me stop at the first tower! Rusty was able to venture a little further!
I have no clue why Betty's mouth is wide open! Maybe she was saying "sticky rice"!
And here is where my daughter's love affair of going potty in public places while in China began! It was right here on tower 1 that Jaden pooped on the Great Wall! When you gotta go you gotta go. Luckily the Chinese think that it is ok for kids to potty anywhere they want!
Then back on the bus where we headed to lunch and then did a quick run through of the Bird's nest and the Water cube that were used during the 2008 Olympics!
We ended the night at the Chinese acrobat show which was great but a few of us fell asleep before it was over!

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