Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Henan 10/28-10/29/12 Gotcha Day!

On the 28th we were up and ready to move onto Henan Province! It was finally time to get excited because we would be in the same province as Warren! George dropped us off at the airport and it wasn't long before we loaded our airplane. I was able to take a few pics of the soon to be Big Sister's Jaden and Addison!
One we landed in Zhengzhou we were met by our wonderful guides Yisha and Rita!
We were able to go to our hotel room and put our luggage away, where a crib was waiting for us!
Afterwards we all walked to Wal-mart which was a couple of blocks from our hotel. I wasn't able to go to Wal-mart when we adopted Jaden because she was doing some major grieving for her foster mother so this was my first time! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
We stocked up on snacks and anything we might need for Warren. We had gotten an update when we arrived in Zhengzhou which said he took 5 bottles a day so I bought the formula he used. Well he never used any of the formula and looked at me like I was nuts when I tried to give him a bottle! But I am getting ahead of myself! While we were in Wally world poor Jaden was hit with a big case of Jet lag! She fell asleep standing up! Kim took pity on her future daughter in law and picked her up!
We all headed back to the hotel to try to sleep before the big day! 10/29 was the day, the one we had waited for since I first saw Warren's face a year ago! Gotcha Day! Everyone was so excited including Jaden!
Last time the babies were all brought to our hotel, this time we had to go to the government building to meet them. So back on the bus. Once we got to the building and were getting off the bus they told us they were having a meeting so we had to wait. Bummer! But no sooner had we set back down and they were ready! This was the first thing I saw when I got off the bus...
There he was right in front of me! I turned around and told Kim(Lucy's mom) that they were here! That is when the tears started for both of us! I was so unprepared to get him right away! I did not have the video camera out or anything! We didn't even walk in the door before they told us to get him! Rusty went to him first and he never cried! Jaden went up to him and told him "I'm you sister and we are your family"! I lost it!
Finally it was my turn!
All around us families were being made...
It will always amaze me to see how our families come together! Everyone gets the child that was meant to be a part of their family! The whole time we were there Warren was playing and having a ball!
We had our picture made with the director and assistant director of the orphanage. After all the babies had been delivered it was back on the bus and to the hotel so we could enjoy our kiddos!
Gotcha Day clothes.
Before long BOTH of my angels were fast asleep.

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  1. HA!!!! LOVE IT!!! Future daughter-in-law! Great post and great photos!!!!!!!! Miss that amazing day so much. It was truly a wonderful experience and I'm so glad we got to share it with your family. Everyone who follows my blog is in love with Warren! He's a ROCK STAR!!! LOVE that kid!!! Miss his feisty spirit and screaming "Lucy Mei"!!!!! We miss y'all terribly!!!! I need my daily dose of laughs from you guys - and what about Betty??? We need to see her too!!!! We need a reunion ASAP!!! Boo YAH!!! :)