Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pearl Market and the island

Today we had to go to the clinic and have the TB test read for all the kids over 2.  Luckily all of them tested negative for TB!  After that we went to the pearl wholesale market.  I bought a few things then headed down to buy a few DVDs for the kids.  We walked around the shopping district and then decided to walk to Shaimen Island.  This is where we stayed for Jaden's adoption and we loved it.  The White Swan hotel is closed and I don't see how it will be open in the next couple of years!  The majority oh the shops have closed which is pretty sad.  We did not see one other adoptive family while we were there.  The only people there were taking wedding and modeling photos.  It was like that three years ago but now it is five times the amount.  I found a lot of stuff at Jenny's.  I got all the major stuff I came for.  I am sure tomorrow we will be buying a new suitcase!  
We took Warren and Jaden to the pool tonight.  He wasn't a fan at first but after awhile he decided he liked it.  
Tomorrow we have our consulate appointment at 10.  For some reason everyone has an appointment an hour early?  It won't be has fun with just our family.  But we will get an extra hour of sleep that we need!  Warren's head banging was bad last night.  Hopefully that will work itself out soon!  Just two more nights in Guangzhou and then one in Hong Kong!  I am so ready to get home!  I want a big salad!  And a really cold Dr. Pepper!  We will not be eating Chinese food for a while!

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  1. We loved shopping at Jenny's!! Can't believe that about the White Swan and Shamien Island. Love hearing of your journey and Warren couldn't be cuter:)