Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1 1/2 weeks home with our sweet boy!

We have been home 10 days now. Things are starting to settle down and we are getting into our new routine. I am happy to say that none of us have been sick which is great because on our last trip we came home with the flu! The only one of us that really had a problem with jet lag was Jaden. She is finally starting to get back on our time. Warren is doing great and is fitting right into our family. It seems like he has always been with us. The first week my parents were here to help us out. Warren is a huge fan of my dad and I think that the feeling is mutual. My parents left Saturday so now it is just the four of us. I have decided that having two kids in car seats is way overrated! I can not wait for the day that Jaden can buckle her own straps! Warren has really turned into a momma's boy! He loves giving hugs and has started giving kisses too! He has gotten much better with the head banging but is still doing it about twice a night. This is much better than what he was doing in China. He is so easy to get to sleep. We decided to skip the crib and went straight to a toddler bed and this has worked great. As long as he has his tiger to stick under his nose he is fine! He loves his big sister but she is not sure if she feels the same way just yet. She has been great with him but she likes to discipline him. This usually ends in hitting going back and forth between the two and Warren is usually the winner. He didn't like the dogs at first but now he ignores them and they do the same to him! He loves outside but it is too cold to be out there for long. He gets so excited when he sees his jacket. I think he would ride in the car all day without complaint. While in China we were able to see the outside of the orphanage. We were not allowed inside and after getting the cameras developed I understand why. All of Warren's pictures were taken inside so I got to see a couple different areas in the orphanage. While the room they slept in was orderly there were no toys to stimulate the kids. The only thing I saw Warren with to play with was a 7 up bottle. I wondered why he did not know how to play with toys and now we see why. Considering his first 2 years of life Warren is doing great. We did go to the international adoption clinic last Friday. Warren is delayed in his play about 8-9 months. His speech is also delayed but we think he will catch up fast. He is already trying to mimic Jaden and says thank you pretty good! He is in the 97th percentile for his age in weight! He now weighs 33 pounds which is 3 more than his sister! Now Warren's "special need" was that he had a malformed right foot. I think his only special need was that he needed a family. I thought there was a chance his foot may have to be amputated but once we saw him and how he walks I had hope it could be braced and we could put lifts in his shoes. And everybody at the clinic was agreeing with me so we thought we were in the clear. Yesterday I went back to have his TB test read and I found out the rest of the story. They did an X-ray of his foot to see what bones he has. While doing the X-ray they found out that he is missing his fibula in his right leg. They believe our little guy has fibular hemimelia. So now we are not only looking at amputation of the foot but also the leg from the knee down. This was not what I expected to hear yesterday to say the least. We will not know anything for sure until we visit the Ortho doctor in February. It is a scary diagnosis but I know he can handle it. He is one tough boy! We were not expecting for something to be wrong with his leg but I know he is with the family he was meant to be. I am so thankful that his diagnosis was not in his paperwork from China because it may have scared us off. If we do the amputation I know there will be no stopping Warren from doing everything he wants to do. For now we are waiting for February so we can get everything figured out and begin what needs to be done.


  1. He sure is precious. Glad you made it home safe and sound. My goddaughter is an amputee(leg and foot, she has her knee) I can get you in contact with her mom if you need. Noah did the head banging too. When he had his armsplints on for three weeks, it stopped that habit.

  2. He is so cute! I'm glad to hear the adjustment is going well for all of you. The diagnosis is scary, but you will all get through it. You will be in our prayers.